Tuscarora R/C Flying Club
Meeting Minutes


I.Call to order

Ed Pollack called to order the regular meeting of the Tuscarora R/C Flying Club at 7:08pm on 2/5/18 at the Tuscarora State Park Office.

II.Roll call

Joe St Onge led the members in the pledge of allegiance.

There were 12 members present.

III.Approval of minutes from last meeting

Kyle Snyder read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. John Kennedy made a motion, Jack Mertz second the motion

Scott White read the treasures report, John Kennedy accepted, and Jim Dunn seconded

IV.Old Business

a)           John Kennedy was handed the certificate of appreciation.

b)           Copy of the by laws were handed out and asked to check over and either call or email with any changes or issues

V.New business

a)           Aerorama Ed suggests a 2-day aerorama, Jim Dunn suggested doing a rain day instead. As far as picking a date Ed has dates from other clubs with their events and has a calendar to email out. This way we can avoid conflicting with other local events. Food venders, talked about other ways of providing food other than club members cooking. 2 prizes were normally given away on the day of aerorama, Ed talked to Walter’s Hardware and got an eflite apprentice for $140 and is looking around for other offers to use as prizes. Rush printing was mentioned to use to print tickets, their price is around 1000 tickets for $35. Jake Mertz is willing to donate planes brought back from his brother’s hobby shop. Ed is going to talk to local radio to get an ad on the air, Jim Dunn mentioned about getting a date picked to get into the AMA magazine. Walt was asked to be the MC for the event with his audio equipment and said yes. A flea market was brought up to have at Aerorama, Jim Dunn made a motion, Tim Vincent seconded all in favor

b)           Mall Show- Tim asked about selling tickets at the mall show, Walt mentioned about making sure we get the insurance, Jim Dunn made a motion for a new member to get free membership to the club while visiting the mall show event. Jake Mertz said he could donate something to raffle off at the mall show

c)           Ed brought up selling discount cards to generate income for the club. Walt said with being retired as most members are they don’t get in contact with many people to sell them.

d)Snowbird event sounds like a good idea so when the next good snowfall an email will be sent out to let everyone know about it.

e)Port a potty – 3 quotes were received, $195 per month (LDR Site Services), $75 per month (Biros) and $85.00 per month (D &S)  D & S was awarded the contract due to unsatisfactory services from Bireos in the past. Tim Vincent made a motion to accept and  Nancy seconded, all approved

f)            Locking the port a potty was brought up and Joe said that locking was a bad idea. There is a local ball field that tried that and the whole unit got destroyed. Everyone is ok with no lock and posting a sign on it saying it is for the club and taken care of by the club.

g)           Grass cutting Ed talked to Cee Jay’s about just cutting the parking lot less and the price wouldn’t be much less to make it worth it. They contracted for 30 cuts but if he does less they will charge only the cuts used.


John Kennedy made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Tim Vincent seconded Ed Pollack adjourned the meeting at 8:11pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Kyle Snyder

Minutes approved by:  Membership


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