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Tuscarora R/C Flying Club
Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2018

Roll call

Ed Pollack called to order the regular meeting of the Tuscarora R/C Flying Club at 7:00pm on April 2, 2018 at the Tuscarora State Park Office and led the members in the pledge of allegiance.

There were 10 members present.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Kyle Snyder read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Tim Vincent made a motion, Jim Dunn seconded the motion

Scott White read the treasures report. The report was approved as read. Jim Dunn made a motion to accept as read, Walt Basiago seconded the motion.

Old Business

Ed Pollack contacted every club in the state and had a map showing where all the active clubs are located. Each club has their own issues, some have lacking membership and others are doing well. This was done to get ideas to gain members and make sure not to have conflicts with events.

A Port a Potty will be delivered the first week of April from D&S to the field. The securing stakes will be brought back as well.

Aerorama - Talked about also having a car show the same time of the event to attract more people. AMA would be ok maintaining insurance and the park office would be ok with it. Tim Vincent asked about donations at the gate concerned if the club would have to split the donations with the car show. The answer is no, the club would keep any donations. The car show would be an addition to the event. All present were in favor.

A Flea market would be held out of their vehicles of those with items for sale, a pre-designated area would be set aside for them. Ed emailed other clubs asking pilots to fly with a schedule to make sure planes are in the air all the time. This would also let the public know what aircraft would be up and when. All present were in favor of having a schedule. As for food, no one answered back about the food trucks. Walt said they asked the vender at the park if they would want to provide food or if the club could take donations and provide food.

Grass cutting - Many other clubs have their own mower and have members volunteer to cut the grass. Several members present said that used to happen in the past but there isn’t a good place to keep a mower and finding volunteers to cut is difficult. Larry Smith mentioned the price of a mower is very expensive to get. It may not pay to buy one verses having someone else mow it.

Drones - Ed mentioned the AMA had made a new publication about drones, apparently, they made a mistake. All unmanned aircraft is now considered a drone and now needs the FAA numbers on them. It is up to each club whether to enforce this or not. Drones cannot be flown anywhere in the State Park, and only can be flown at the club flying field. Jim Dunn brought up a concern if a visitor from the Park would be flying at the club field and would crash into nearby property, would the club be liable. One idea is to have the park office send the residents a letter to inform them about campers flying at the field and they are not affiliated with the club. Another idea would be to have a day pass designed by the club to be provided to the rangers that would get the pilots information in case of an issue. Larry mentioned about posting a sign at the field to contact the park office before flying there. Ed said the rangers have already have had many people that have asked where they could go fly a drone. Ed will make up a form to give to the park office to hand out to anyone who wants to fly at the field.

Ed was at the park office today and talked to a state conservation officer about a meeting that is taking place this Friday April the 6th. The officer asked if someone could go and talk to the Ryan Township Search and Rescue members and first responders present about what the club has to offer with learning to fly drones. Larry will go and if Kyle can get off work he will attend as well. The 911 com center has handed out information at their March meeting to let members know what the club would like to offer but no information has come back at the time of the meeting.

Civil Air Patrol - Larry Smith would like to invite CAP members to attend the Aerorama. Larry would like to offer the members a free membership to the club to get the young people interested in the hobby. If they are under 18 they can get free AMA to be properly covered at the flying field. Ed got a call from a cub scout pack about coming up to see the planes as well. Jim Dunn made a motion to accept, Dave Kessler seconded, all were in favor.

Flying field Layout - Ed contacted the AMA about the rules for setting up an area for helicopter / Drone landing pads. One member does not want to see any changes to the existing flight line. Jim mentioned that the safety line guidelines may have changed over the years since the field has been setup. Larry sees no problem with having drone/helis taking off from a designated area since it would be just for hovering. Jim does not see a concern since there are not that many fixed-wing flying pilots. If there would be a lot more pilots then we will need to revisit the topic. A motion to add a designated area for heli/drone hovering was made all but one present was in favor.

Klingemann’s - Ed went to visit the store, right now they do not have much in stock and they are willing to order anything the members would need.

New business

Ed will post on the club website when anyone passes away for a month as a main bullet then placed under the general memorial tab.

Presently there are 23 paid members.

There is a new Facebook page for the club. It is Tuscarora RC Flying Club, Cullen Dixon is reluctant give up the password to change the old page. Several attempts have been made to contact him but with no responses.

Pylon racing for drones - Larry made mention that all the events he goes to there is a set up area for drone racing, Tim mentioned that at the AMA East expo there was a course setup as well. This will get discussed more in the future.

Joe St. Onge asked if the owners from the local businesses that helped the club got a free membership. At present Walters Hobbies has received free membership and Denise’s R/C store will get one as well. Everyone was in favor of sending them a card with membership to show the appreciation for what they have done over the years.


Tim Vincent made a motion to adjourn Jim Dunn seconded it. I.Ed Pollack adjourned the meeting at 8:28pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Kyle Snyder

Minutes approved by:  Membership