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Tuscarora R/C Flying Club
Meeting Minutes

Call to order

Ed Pollack called to order the regular meeting of the Tuscarora R/C Flying Club at 7:15 PM on Aug 6th, 2018 at the Tuscarora State Park Office.

I. Roll call

Ed Pollack led the members in the pledge of allegiance.  There were 14 members present.

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Kyle Snyder read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Jim Dunn made a motion, John Kennedy seconded the motion. Scott White read the treasures report, the report was approved as read. John Kennedy made a motion, Hank Tiedman seconded the motion

III. Old Business

     a) Aerorama – Everyone thought it was a great and successful event. We had 5 pilots that came from New Jersey; three of them came because President Trump was landing in northern New Jersey Airport and had a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) in place. That No-Fly zone encompassed
their normal field. They did research online for another field at which to fly where they found our club via the Tuscarora R/C Flying Club website. The other two were invited from a Podcast. Also, in attendance were present and past park rangers and other staff from both Tuscarora and Locust Lake State Parks.

     b) Everyone agreed Alexis, the M.C. did a great job for the event especially
with her limited experience to R/C flying (that morning). She really
appreciated the opportunity to be on the mic. In the future, we coach her
with explaining some of the maneuvers and aircraft.

     c) On Sunday, while sitting in a chair like he normally does to fly, Raja put
on a helicopter demonstration with a complete and thorough explanation of
the intricacies of helicopter flight. That gained and held everyone’s interest.
The next airshow we will take advantage of his expertise and speaking

     d) Aerorama. We need to make hourly announcements addressing special
events such as Raja’s and information about joining the club and what we
have to offer. Also, we should go out and give each car show member an
application to join the club and learn to fly.

     e) The club received $911.77 over the 2-day event from gate donations. Ed
also smoked 25lb of pork and Diane was selling it at the gate. That brought
the club another $80. Tim Vincent asked that at the next we need relief for
the gate attendants

     f) Safety Issue - Saturday during the air show a several people including
children, and a dog walked across the golf course driving range side of the
field in direct line with the approach to the air field. Larry tried to get their
attention over the PA system to no avail. Ed then walked out and talked to
them and conversation got confrontational. Ed reported the situation to the
ranger. The ranger fully understood the situation at hand and said they have
had a tough time with this lady before.

     g) Car Show – Everyone that participated in the car show and those that
brought their vehicles to show off and a great time was had by all. Many of
the attendees offered positive suggestions throughout the day. One of which
was to charge a $10 entrance fee. There were approximately 50 cars that
came and went throughout the day. There were 33 parked along the field at
one time. Each car show person who pre-registered was very pleased to
receive a framed certificate of appreciation. They also really like the door
prize buckets that had car wash supplies in them. Jim Dunn asked if it
would be feasible to have the car show both days of the Aerorama next year
such as having a truck show one day then a car show the next.

     h) Radio Commercial - everyone that heard it thought it was good, but people
heard it a minimum of once per hour and almost got annoying. However, it
defiantly brought a lot of people out to the aerorama. When the radio station
went out anywhere on a live broadcast, they would make a mention of the
Aerorama as well.

     i) Pole Barrier Repairs - Ed thanked Hank on his effort to repair the pole but it
did not hold up. Ed got a piece of pole from a neighbor and started to fix it.
When he returned it was changed and repaired from another piece farther
along the barrier.

     j) Lining the Field - it all looks good from the ground, but the aerials look
even better.

     k) Plane Winner - Ed got a call from the winner of the YAK 54 stating the
plane was not complete. To anyone familiar with models, the plane was
ready to go just needed batteries, transmitter, and receiver. He tried to
explain it best he could to them. It was difficult since English was a second

     l) Field/Parking lot Entrance - Thank you to Hope’s 24 Hour Towing and
Collision for donating time, equipment, and operator to level entrance to the
with 2A modified over the driveway from the road to the field.
Note: Immediately following the Hope’s operation, Ed went to take a photo
to share the finished product with the club members when someone drove
in and did a donut over new surface. Ed got all the photos needed and
reported it to the park rangers. The rangers did follow through and action is

IV. New business

     a) Thank You Cards - Jake Mertz asked if thankyou cards were sent out to
everyone that helped in getting the field ready. Ed has already addressed
that topic.

     b) During the event, spectators came in the parking area going around the
poles that are along the road. In the future we will be addressing that issue.

     c) When replacing the sign for the field a covering was removed from the
display case. With all the rain we got there is water in the case now. Soon a
new cover will be put on.

     d) Finances - Ed went to the print shop responsible for club printing and got an
idea from them about how to raise money. It is a monthly lottery drawing. It
averages about an 80% return on investment. If each member would sell 20
tickets 3 times a year. This would have the protentional to generate $6,000
annually. $750.00 was made on the raffle tickets for aerorama and $90 on
the 50/50.

     e) Tim Vincent made a comment that Walmart has a thing called Event VAP
(Volunteerism Always Pays) This could potentially be another way the club
could get some money and or get projects done at the field. Tim will get
more information for the next meeting.

     f) Walt Basiago gave Ed $100 toward the new club sign as promised.

     g) The next meeting will be held the day after Labor Day September the 4th.

V. Adjournment

Tim Vincent made a motion to adjourn the meeting.Ed Pollack adjourned the meeting
at 8:26pm.

Minutes submitted by: Kyle Snyder
Minutes approved by: Members