Tuscarora RC Club Minutes

From December 2, 2013 meeting. 17 members were present.

President Jim Dunn called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM in the meeting room of the Tuscarora State Park office.

The minutes from the November, 2013 meeting were read. John Kennedy made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Joe St Onge seconded the motion.

Walt Basiago gave the Treasurer’s Report. Mel McLean made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read. John Kennedy seconded the motion.

New Business


Jim Dunn gave Les dates for the show. Les advised to stay away from helicopters as they do not last long. Prizes are a Slash electric truck, a Rocket start up kit and a Flight simulator. The total cost for the prizes is $440.00. Jim Dunn asked for new suggestions on helping the club grow and new ways to make more money. What was stated was that we need more member participation at the events. Jim also stated the idea of bringing back the monthly picnics and mentioned that people passing by like to stop and watch the flying activities.

Mall Shows:

The Laurel Mall show will take place on February 8&9 2014. The following week was booked. Ron has not had chance to finalize the Fairlane Village Mall dates.

Benefit Fly:

Due to conflicts the date will be June 14, 2014.

2014 Officers:

As there was only 1 nomination per office the 2014 officers are as nominated, Jim Dunn welcomed the new officers Jimmy Graver as Treasurer and Janine Graver as Secretary and thanked Walt and Kathy Basiago for their efforts in the offices they held as Treasurer and Secretary.


Nancy Stevens asked if there are any major repairs needed. Walt Basiago stated he has the retrieval pole that needs to be installed. Jim Dunn stated that the fence was painted this year and should last for a few years. He said we should give the cement blocks at the flight station a coat of White paint.

Fun Flys:

George Moyer stated that we should have games at the fun flies. The first one held in 2013 had a good turnout. It was stated that we need to generate more interest to attract new members. Cullin stated the biggest problem in his peer group is the time more than the money. Cullin indicated there is an aviation class at the Schuylkill Technology Center and it may be beneficial to contact them. Ed Pollack who is a teacher there was not aware of an aviation class being offered there. Cullin was asked to bring the pamphlet to the next meeting.


John Majakas stated that the club rules were stapled to the back of the old box and when we installed the second new box they were removed and had not been replaced. Jim Dunn stated he would get a new set and have them displayed.

Pledge of Allegiance:

Joe St Onge said at other meeting that he attends the Pledge of Allegiance was said and George Moyer agreed. Joe made a motion that we say the pledge at the start of the meeting and Dave Kessler made the second. It was voted on and passed by all members present.

Joe St Onge made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 PM.


Kathy Basiago

Janine Graver


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