Q. How Much does it cost to join the Tuscarora  R/C Club? 
 A. Just $50.00 Annually due January 1st, the lowest cost club in the area.
   Q. Are there any hidden costs?
    A. No,  unlike other clubs you do not have field permits to pay for in   
        addition to the club dues. The only thing you will ever be required to 
       pay is the annual membership fee of $ $50.00
   Q. Do I have to be a member of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics)    
   A. Yes, since we are an AMA chartered club we require all members and

        visiting  pilots to hold a current AMA card (membership).  
    Q. How can you maintain a yearly club membership fee of only $50.00 a
   A. We hold annual events and club raffles. Most of the club's revenue  

       comes from these activities. We rely upon our members to volunteer
       and help with these events since it is our main source of income. 
     Q. Where do you hold your meetings?
    A. During the flying season we hold meetings on the first Monday of the     
          month at our flying field which is located adjacent 
          to the White Birch Golf Course. During the late fall, winter, and early
          spring months or with inclement weather, we hold our meetings at  the
          Tuscarora  State Park office promptly at 7:00 P.M.
    Q. Is the flying field grass or paved?
    A. It is a very low cut, well maintained grass runway and is very 
        suitable for wheels that are 2 inches on up. 
Q. I am interested in joining your club, but would like to try flying with                       you before I join, are there any restrictions?
   A. Yes, since we are an AMA chartered club (#574), you will be required to 
        hold a current AMA license and you MUST be accompanied by a 
        Tuscarora R/C Flyer member during your (flying) visit and are limited  to 6
        flying visits maximum before being required to join. We usually
        have several members in attendance daily during the summer both early
         morning and late afternoon and we always enjoy and welcome                      
         a new pilot. If your schedule requires something different, contact            
         any person on our club contacts page and we would be happy to  
        get together with you. 
  Q. I am interested in joining along with my child, is there a break in
        membership fee, or do you have a family membership available?
A. Presently dues for new members under 19 years of age have changed.   
         We now have a Youth and a Junior membership level.  Please see the
         January minutes for the new dues structure that took effect as of
         January 7, 2014.We do not have a  family membership plan currently  
         however it is possible that may change in the  future
    Q. I am brand new to R/C, do you have someone to talk to about buying
        the right equipment, such as what is the best trainer airplane?
    A. Yes, contact any of our instructors on our club contacts page. 

     Q. Is training really free?
     A. Yes, with a paid club membership


  • Where does the club fly?
  • Are spectators welcome?
  • When do club members fly? 
  • How do I become a club member?
  • How much are the yearly membership dues?
  • When and where are the club meetings held
  • Can the club help me learn to fly?
  • Are visiting pilots allowed to fly at the club's flying field?
  • Are club activities family-friendly?


                                            r/C FLYING CLUB 
                                                                                                                                            ama CHARTER #574