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Tuscarora RC Club Minutes

From February 3, 2015 meeting. 9 members were present.

President Jim Dunn called the meeting to order at 7:13 PM at the park office of the Tuscarora State Park. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Janine Graver.

The minutes from the January, 2014 meeting were read by Janine Graver. Tin Vincent made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Larry Smith seconded the motion.

Jimmy Graver gave the Treasurers report for December. A motion made by Larry Smith to accept and seconded by Randy Grube.

New Business

Jimmy Graver spoke to Walter at Walters Hardware and he will be happy to sponsor the airplane for the raffle. In appreciation for his help we will make up signs with his hobby shop name, as our sponsor, on it to be displayed with the plane at all the events. Tim Vincent made a motion to purchase the plane from Walters Hardware, the vote was unanimous in favor.

Jim Dunn will be in contact with Les about ticket sponsorship.

Jim Dunn reminded the membership that the dates for the Fairlane Village Mall show will be March 14 & 15, 2015 from 8:00AM till mall closing at 9:00PM. Set up will take place at 8:00AM on Saturday March 14, 2015 and 11:00AM on Sunday March 15, 2015.

Rich Eames asked about the qualifications to be a flight instructor? He was informed that for a person to be considered for a flight instructor that person must have proven himself/herself to be a safe, proficient flier, knowledgeable in the operation of various aircraft as well as the set up of engines and radios. If any member would like to be considered to become a flight instructor, they must be approved by the officers of the club. Larry Smith volunteered to become the point person for helicopter instruction and informed the officers that they are allowed to give his contact information out to interested parties.

The following persons are designated as qualified fixed wing flight instructors:

Jimmy Graver, Jim Dunn, Randy Grube, Robert Greenall.

The following are designated as qualified helicopter flight instructors:

Larry Smith

All new members who are seeking flight instructions must have their own current AMA license and be a member of the club in good standing.

To be signed off as a qualified solo flier you must demonstrate a preset skill test in the presence of 2 (two) of the designated flight instructors plus 1 (one) experienced pilot.

Jim Dunn asked if any other business was to be discussed and with the membership stating no further items to discuss the meeting was closed at 8:17PM. A motion was made to close the meeting by Randy Grube and a second by Timmy Vincent.

Prepared and submitted by.

Janine Graver