r/C FLYING CLUB 
                                                                                                                                            ama CHARTER #574 

      Tuscarora RC Club Minutes

      From January 6, 2014 meeting. 14 members were present.

      President Jim Dunn called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM in the meeting room of the Tuscarora State Park office. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Joe St Onge.   

      The minutes from the December, 2013 meeting were read by Janine Graver. John Kennedy made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Walt Basiago seconded the motion.

      Jimmy Graver gave the Treasurer’s Report. John Kennedy made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read. Joe St Onge seconded the motion.


      Walt Basiago thanked Eddie Pollack for the great job he has done on the web site. Ed was given a round of applause from all the members. Ed thanked all for their well wishes. Walt also Thanked the Gravers for taking over the Secretary and Treasurer positions.


      Jim Dunn asked about the classified section of the new web site, about the price and how it works. Ed stated that the fee to place an advertisement for a member was $3.00 and a nonmember was $5.00. All ads submitted go to Ed and he will then approve them and place them on the web site. Only R/C related items can be advertised on the web site. Ed stated he was offered a promotion to upgrade the web site to allow for even more features and to be able to do animation. The update price would be $36.00. Walt Basiago made a motion to obtain the upgrades and it was approved by the membership.


      Jim Dunn stated that the dates for the Laurel Mall Show in Hazleton will be February 8 & 9 and the Fairlane Village Show in Pottsville will be March 15 & 16, 2014. Jimmy Graver will obtain the insurance certificates for both shows.  Jim Dunn asked for member participation at both of these shows. Set up will be at 8:00AM Saturday for both shows and 11:00AM for Sundays. 


      Jimmy Graver has been in touch with Biros about the Port A Potty and was informed that there will be a $5.00 increase per month. The price will now be $70.00 per month for this service. This unit will be placed at the field in the beginning of April and removed the end of October.


      Jim Dunn was informed by Cullen Dixon that they have cancelled the Air Show.


      Jimmy Graver stated that since we updated our dues for the adult member to be more in line to what other clubs ask their members to pay, he suggested that we do the same for our members under the age of 19.

      The following was what he suggested:

      Junior Member: 15 to 19 years of age would pay $25.00 per year .

      Youth Member: 14 years of age and younger would pay $12.50 per year.

      Any member over 19 years of age would pay the current $50.00 membership fee.

      New Youth and Junior members would not be required to pay any initiation fees.

      New Adult members would still pay the onetime $10.00 initiation fee, plus their $50.00 membership dues.

      The membership level is determined by age only and that the student membership that was in place for people in college and other schools be eliminated.

      A motion was made by Walt Basiago to accept this new membership structure and Seconded by John Kennedy. It was voted and approved by the membership and will be placed in effect as of January 7, 2014.

      Walt asked about a social membership for people that want to belong to the club but not fly. This was asked to be tabled until some research is completed. Ed Pollack also asked if a Family Membership for those living in the same household would be available. This was also asked to be tabled so some research could be done. These ideas will be researched and be brought up at the future meeting.

      Jimmy Graver suggested that new members be given a welcome package that contains a copy of the club rules and by- laws. Jim Dunn said he will provide Ed Pollack a copy of both the By-Laws and the Club Rules so they can be posted on the web site so all could see. Any member who does not have a computer can obtain a written copy. Bill Huegel asked about using emails to send club news to it members. It was mentioned that the majority of the members do have access to a computer, and do currently receive updated emails from the club about upcoming meetings, events and news.


      The new tickets for Aerorama truck raffle , in packets of ten tickets /per member, were given to members in attendance and are available from Jim Dunn.  Each member is expected to either sell or purchase  their 10 tickets to help raise funds for the club. Jim Dunn will explain the new procedure in handling these tickets.  

      FREE MEMBERSHIP  !!!!!!!

      Ed Pollack brought up a very interesting idea in getting new people interested in participating in our Sport /Hobby and get some new members into the club.

       Offer FREE MEMBERSHIPS to the club. 

      It was talked about and approved by the membership.

      Here is how it is going to work:


        1. This offer is good only at the February Meeting.

        2. New members only. They must never have held membership in the Tuscarora R/C Club.

       3. New member or members must be sponsored by a current club member and  must be in     attendance at the February Meeting.

      4.  The new member must join AMA.

      5. The new member must be willing to help and participate in club activities such as : attending meetings, help and participate at mall shows, help and participate at our different air shows, help and participate at the club picnics and willing to sell our Aerorama fund raiser raffle tickets.

       6. This free membership is for  ONE YEAR ONLY.  After that, they will pay membership dues at the appropriate rate.

      The meeting was adjourned by a motion made by Joe St Onge and seconded by Tim Vincent at 8:00 PM.

      Prepared and Submitted by:

      Janine Graver (Secretary)