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Tuscarora RC Club Minutes

From January 4, 2016 meeting. 17 members were present.

President Walt Basiago called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM in the meeting room at the Tuscarora Park Office.

Joe St Onge led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes from the December, 2015 meeting were read. Jim Dunn made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Ron Schwartz seconded the motion.

Kathy Basiago gave the Treasurer’s Report. Bob Greenall made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read. Melvin McLean seconded the motion.

Old Business

Club Picnics

Walt Basiago asked for discussion on the topic of having a club picnic on June 12 and on September 11 this year at the club field. The club would provide burgers, hot dogs, soda, buns, and condiments. Bob Greenal said that members attending should pay toward the food. Joe St Onge felt we should not have free food. Some members work hard to make money and the money should not be given away. Frank Bobick was in favor of a free club picnic as long as all are welcome. Walt suggested that a $100.00 limit be set for the food and soda. It was asked if there would be a rain date. Walt said no. There was a concern as to what would be done with an over abundance of food due to the picnic being rained out. Walt said that he would buy back the food or offer it for purchase. Walt said that the purpose of a club picnic was to bring the club together. Ron Schwartz suggested that a donation jar be put out at the picnic. Members attending may be inclined to drop a few dollars in to defray the cost of the food.

MOTION- Club Picnic to be held 6/12/2016 and 9/11/2016 at the club field. Maximum of $100.00 to be spent. Donations will be accepted. Cover dish can be brought if member attending wishes. Ron Schwartz made the motion. Randy Grube seconded the motion. Vote 16 Yes 0 No

Sending flowers to a club member who has passed away

Walt Basiago asked for discussion on the topic of sending flowers to the family of club members who pass away. Bob Greenall suggested a donation be made instead of sending flowers. He commented that sending flowers has become outdated and suggested a spending limit of $50.00. Jim Dunn added that often in an obituary or on the funeral home's website the person's preference to have donations made to a particular charity or organization is noted. Frank Bobock suggested that the club send a sympathy card to include reference to the donation made in memory of the club member to his or her family.

MOTION- On the passing of a club member, the club will make a donation in the member's memory to the member's designated charity or organization and send a sympathy card to the family. Frank Bobick made the motion. Joe St Onge seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

MOTION- The amount of the donation made in a club member's memory will be $50.00. Joe St Onge made the motion. Randy Grube seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Reinstate the practice of thanking former officers

Walt Basiago asked for discussion on thanking officers who have completed their term with a plaque. As a former officer, Bob Greenall indicated that he didn't want a plaque. Someone asked what the cost of a plaque was. Walt Basiago estimated $30.00. Both Frank Bobick and Dave Kessler said that the practice would amount to a lot of money and suggested a certificate be sent. Nancy Stevens asked what defined a term. Walt answered that they do not resign.

MOTION- Send a Certificate to thank outgoing officers. Frank Bobick made the motion. Dave Kessler seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Incentive Program

Walt Basiago proposed an incentive program to encourage club members to be active in supporting the club. If a member realizes a profit of $150.00 helping at any one event, he or she will earn free membership for the following year. An individual member who would sell 75 ticket for the yearly raffle would qualify for the free membership. Bob Greenall said the program should be done for on a one year trial to be reviewed at the end of the year. John Majikas asked how the sale of tickets at the mall show would be managed. Walt would assign people to the tables. Dave Kessler wanted to know how the monies would be counted from the ticket sales. When the assigned volunteer left the money from the ticket sales would be turned in. Frank Bobick asked what was the difference between an individual selling tickets outside of the mall show and couldn't the individual roll into the sale of tickets at the mall show. Walt replied that the selling of tickets at the mall show did not count as the club is providing an added advantage.

MOTION- Try the Incentive program for 2016 as discussed on a one year trial basis. Ed Pollack made the motion. Ron Schwartz seconded the motion. The vote was 15 Yes and 1 No.

Meeting Raffle

Walt Basiago asked for discussion on changing back to the old way of running the meeting raffle. Each member at the meeting pays a dollar. At the end of the meeting a name is pulled from the membership. If that member is present he or she wins the pot. If the member is not present, the monies carry over to the next month's meeting. Bob Greenall said that the old method seemed to see the same people winning. The present way, a 50/50 drawing, saw different members winning. Jim Dunn indicated that the method was change so that the club would make money from the raffle. Nancy Stevens suggested that the raffle change back the to the old way for a trial year.

MOTION- Change the raffle back to the old way for a trial year starting with the February meeting. Nancy Stevens made the motion. Dave Kessler seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Youth Membership

Walt Basiago asked for discussion on setting the youth membership to $1.00 until the member turns 18. The $10.00 administration fee would apply the first year. Bob Greenall didn't think that the change would encourage more youth to join.

MOTION- Set the youth membership dues to $1.00 per year until the member turns 18. The $10.00 administration fee payable at sign up. Jim Dunn made the motion. Joe St Onge seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

New Business

Late Fee

Walt Basiago brought up that suspending the late fee on dues requires a vote as per the by-laws. Traditionally when new officers are elected the late fee has been waived as there usually is confusion as to where to send dues. Bob Greenall said not to suspend the late fee as there is plenty of time to pay. John Majikas asked if the club is charged when we add a member after a certain time. Walt Basiago said there is no issue with timing. Ed Pollack made a motion to suspend the late fee on dues for 2016. Ron Schwartz seconded the motion. The vote was 9 Yes and 7 No.

Changing Point of Contact with AMA

Walt Basiago noted that he tried to update the club's point of contact with AMA but was told that it could only be changed by one of the officers currently listed with AMA. Jim Dunn said that he would update AMA on the 2016 officers.

Mall Shows

The insurances for the mall shows have been sent in. Dave Kessler asked for the amount of space that will be available. Walt Basiago did not have the measurements. He said that the space at the Laurel Mall may be smaller as there are new sitting areas in place. At both malls we will be positioned by Boscov's.


The date for Aerorama is August 21, 2016. The sanction was submitted online and it has been approved.

Registration of Drones

John Majikas informed members that the FAA is trying to set controls in place on flying anything over .55 pounds. There is a court hearing on 2/11 in Washington to resolve getting flyers in a system and issue them numbers. Club Members are urged to write to the FAA to explain why AMA members should be exempt as they already follow these guidelines as well as established safe rules.


Tim Vincent asked if the port-a-potties could be put at the field earlier. Walt Basiago clarified that Biros is usually contacted to place the port-a-potties by April 1 through the end of October. The weather this past year was exceptional and we could have used the port-a-potties longer. This year the port-a-potties will be placed April 1 and members can vote whether to extend or not at the October meeting.

Strangers flying at the field

John Majikas indicated that some people he did not recognize as members were flying at the field and at times in the parking lot. Walt Basiago said that it is every member's responsibility to ask the person if they have AMA. If so they can fly and should be encouraged to join the club. Something will be posted in the bulletin board at the field regarding guest flying.

Embroidered Caps and Shirts

Brad Yachimowski asked about getting club shirts and hats. Walt Basiago said we have a club member who had done them in the past but wasn't certain he was still doing them. Randy Grube said that the items could probably still be done at PV Athletic in Lansford. Ed Pollack said that screen printing is offered. Brad also suggested having the items to sell. Walt indicated that had been tried but was not profitable for the club.

As there was no more business to be discussed, Tim Vincent made a motion to adjourn. Dave Kessler seconded the motion. President Walt Basiago adjourned the meeting at 8:05 PM.


Kathryn Basiago

Club Secretary