Tuscarora R/C Flying Club
Meeting Minutes


Call to order:  Ed Pollack called to order the regular meeting of the Tuscarora R/C Flying Club at 7:00PM                           Monday January 8, 2018 at the Tuscarora State Park Office.

Roll call:          There were 13 members present. Joe St Onge led the members in the Pledge of                                              Allegiance.

Old Business

Ed thanked the last year’s officers for their service and presented certificates of appreciation. Walt Basiago was present to collect for himself and Kathy,  John Kennedy was not present and will receive it later.

New business

Ed handed everyone present a binder with a copy of the club by-laws and several other papers in it.

 Everyone was asked to update the roster with their personal information. Several email addresses have been getting rejected, Walt mentioned that several members had moved and could be the reason for the rejected emails. Joe mentioned not having a computer then Jim Dunn and Walt said they would call to let him know of anything going on.

Ed looked through the four versions of the by-laws and compiled them into one document. There were several things that needed attention.

There are a lot of gender issues and Ed suggested changing the He to He/She to avoid any issues in the future.

Article 3 paragraph 3 intro pilot program, Jim Dunn explained how the Intro pilot program works. Larry and Walt also added to the explanation.

The FAA drone/quadcopter ruling was brought up and it was pointed out that it is an individual responsibility to display the number on the model and not a club responsibility.

Officers getting club membership during their term was added to the by laws

Ed will add all the changes to the by-laws and make new copies for every member at the next meeting to review and approve.

Jim Dunn made a motion to accept the changes as of now, David Kessler seconded the motion and all were in favor.

Mall Show, the Fairlane Village mall was talked about how slow it is there, Joe mentioned the Laurel Mall and Jim added it is a busy place. Ed mentioned about having scheduled times for members of just a few hours. It was mentioned about combining with another club for more help at a mall show.
Member list was said by Larry to be a total of 30 members at the time. We have one junior member as of now, Walt mentioned that anyone under 18 can get an AMA membership for free for a set time.

Port a John emails were sent out about rentals from between April 1 to the end of October or maybe later if the weather permits. A handicap porta toilet was mentioned to appease anyone coming to the field that would need it, and the tentative addition of handicapped parking.
Free club membership for one month was mentioned and will be posted.

Newsletter Walt explained that him and Kathy would send out a newsletter at the beginning of the year with a welcome message, schedule, tickets, and a dues reminder as a hard copy in the mail. Jim would like to see a newsletter sent out.

Classified section on the website   Ed would like to start using the classified section on the website, everyone was ok and supported it.

Grass cutting bids Schlickers and Cee Jays were the only two received. Walt said he averaged about 20-25 cuts a year. Nancey Stevens asked about money to pay for the grass cutting and it was pointed out that finances will come from ticket sales and dues. Motion to accept CEE Jays was first by Tim Vincent seconded by Jim Dunn; Majority accepted and David Kessler and Nancy Stevens were opposed

Bill Smith Memorial, Walt hadn’t heard anything, and Ed has the obituary posted up on the club website.

Adjournment: Tim Vincent made a motion to adjourn the meeting seconded by Jim Dunn. Ed Pollack adjourned the meeting at 8:20PM.

Minutes submitted by: 

  Kyle Snyder


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