r/C FLYING CLUB 
                                                                                                                                            ama CHARTER #574 

Tuscarora RC Club Minutes

From June 1, 2015 meeting. 13 members were present.

President Jim Dunn called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM at the flying field of the Tuscarora State Park. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Joe St Onge.

The minutes from the May, 2015 meeting were read by Jim Dunn due to the absence of Janine Graver.

A motion was made by Tim Vincent and a second by Joe St Onge to accept the minutes as read.

Jimmy Graver read the treasurer's report. A motion was made by Joe St Onge and seconded by Nancy Stevens to accept as read.

Old Business

Nancy Stevens asked about what would happen if the club were to disband. Nancy and the membership was informed that the club was incorporated and the money would go to charity. She asked what would happen if the club lost the use of the present field. She and the membership was informed that we still have our AMA Charter and the monies we have set aside in the savings account would be used to lease a new field.

New Business

Ed Polack mentioned that the Face Book page has more info on it than our web site. He asked that any pictures that are taken by the members to also be forwarded to him so he could place them on the web site to keep it current.

Jim Dunn reminded the membership that we will try again to hold our monthly picnic on June 21, 2015. So far this year every day we pick for our monthly get together has had bad weather.

It was mentioned that the wind sock is in need of repair. Ed Polack mentioned he may have a new one and will look to see if he does in fact still have one available and get it to Jim Dunn.

Jim Dunn asked if any other business was to be discussed, with the membership stating no further items to discuss, the meeting was closed at 7:40pm. A motion was made to close the meeting by Joe St Onge and seconded by Tim Vincent e St Onge. Notes of the meeting were taken by Jimmy Graver in the absence of Janine Graver

Prepared and submitted by.

Janine Graver