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Tuscarora RC Club Minutes

From June 6, 2016 meeting. 18 members were present.

President Walt Basiago called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the club flying field.

Joe St Onge led the members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Walt Basiago asked for the minutes to be read. The minutes from the May 2016 meeting were read. Joe St Onge made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Bob Greenall seconded the motion.

Kathy Basiago gave the Treasurer’s Report. Joe St Onge made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read. Larry Smith seconded the motion.

Old Business

Intro Pilot Program

The application for Bob Greenall to be included as an instructor for the Intro Pilot Program was mailed.

Remaining Field Repairs

The Pin Box has been repaired and mounted. Repairs have been made to the table.

Member Recognition

Walt Basiago asked if all the members had seen the email regarding Ed Pollack. Ed was recognized for the flight manual he had put together by the AMA. The association has posted the manual on the website as a guide to setting up a club training program.

Parking Lot Condition

The Park Office was contacted regarding to holes in the parking lot. They will get to it as time permits.

New Business

Grass Cutting

Walt Basiago noted that when he was doing the last grass cutting he found that rocks had been used to level tables. He asked that members pull tables back to their original positions where the tables will be level. Walt moves the tables forward to be able to cut. Had he not seen the rocks they would have caused damage to the mower.


The club picnic will take places Sunday 6/12 starting at 10:00 AM. End time is dependent on how long members wish to stay. Walt asked if anyone has ideas for games to bring their ideas. Walt is planning a game with balloons and crepe paper. With that said, be sure to bring your beater plane. Club is providing hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, condiments, soda/water, and ice. Members are welcome to bring a covered dish.

New Members

Walt Basiago welcomed two new members. Steve King from Hamburg and his son, Kyle.


Members asked that Biros be contacted regarding the condition of the unit. The last date signed off was May 24. The unit does not look to have been cleaned properly. Walt said the call will be made to Biros.

As there was no more business to be discussed, Joe St Onge made a motion to adjourn. Bob Greenall seconded the motion. President Walt Basiago adjourned the meeting at 7:14 PM.

Kathryn Basiago
    Club Secretary