r/C FLYING CLUB 
                                                                                                                                            ama CHARTER #574 

Tuscarora R/C Flying Club

Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order

Larry Smith called to order the regular meeting of the Tuscarora R/C Flying Club at

7:12pm on May 4th, 2018 at the Tuscarora State Park Office.

II. Roll call

Larry Smith led the members in the pledge of allegiance.

There were 15 members present.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Kyle Snyder read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as

read. Tim Vincent made a motion to accept the minutes; Frank Bobick seconded the


Scott White read the treasures report, the report was approved as read. Dave Kessler

made a motion to accept the report; Jim Dunn seconded the motion

IV. Old Business

a) Aerorama - Ed Pollack went to the No. 9 coal mine car show/ picnic to

distribute flyers for the upcoming air and car show. An announcement was

made to everyone at the event. It also received a mention on WMGH FM

radio that same Sunday. Starting July WMGH and WLSH will have our

commercial aired every hour on the hour for 24 hours. There are flyers

hung about the Tamaqua area at various locations. Ed handed out extra

flyers to everyone at the meeting who wanted one. The car show flyers

were paid for by Sal Modesto of NAPA Auto Parts in Tamaqua. Jack asked

for an email of the flyer pdf for West End Wings and Ed mentioned he has

already emailed each club in the state with a flyer.

b) The Flea Market - was brought up since there was very little interest in it.

Ed talked to the Ryan Township fire chief asking to have an emergency

vehicle on site each day of the Aerorama as a safety precaution. Frank

Bobick asked about the legality of the club making money from the flea

market but the sales will be between individuals making private sales and

have no affiliation to the club.

c) Tim Vincent and Bernie Wargo volunteered to man the gate for Aerorama

and direct parking.

d) Painting - Ed talked to the park manager about happenings involving the

club and State Park. Ed will provide updated copies of AMA and the club

rules to park management. If time and money present itself, it would be nice

to replace the posts and poles located along the road. Larry suggested to just

pull the posts along the road. Walt said they were there to prevent vehicles

from entering the air field when the gate was locked. However, the gate is

no longer used which makes the poles unnecessary except for aesthetics.

The park is OK with what the club does with those poles. As far as the paint

goes Tara Brugger, park manager, is going to ask DCNR for the official

paint color to match all the rest of the park. Members were asked to

volunteer for painting and repairs. A motion was made and unanimously

carried to undertake the painting project.

V. New business

a) Tara was under the impression (later clarified) the State Park rules state

everyone who would fly at the field, regardless of age, needs to be an AMA

member. Walt mentioned that the club does have instructors and where

someone can fly with an approved instructor and the person flying would be

covered under the instructor's AMA certification. The youth members can

get a free membership to AMA. Ed will get info to Tara.

b) Big club canopy - Jim mentioned that there is a large canopy that was

donated to the club and is stored at the field in the box. Jim will check to

see the condition of the canopy at the field. Larry questioned since the

aerorama is a 2-day event, could we leave the canopies up for the second

day. Many members have concerns about the canopies getting damaged.

c) Food - Food availability for the aerorama was brought up. Kyle mentioned

that the Tamaqua Girl Scouts would be providing the food, Larry said since

it is the Girl Scouts and it is a public affair, it would be appropriate to let

the Scouts keep any profits made. Walt mentioned the food was not really a

big profit maker. More revenue was generated on the tickets and from gate

donations. Walt Basiago made a motion to let the Girl Scouts keep the

profits Bernie Wargo seconded the motion and all were in favor.

d) Visitor - Ed happened to go by the field and there was a young guy flying

a drone from Philadelphia. He is planning on moving to our area. The drone

pilot provided spectators the opportunity to look through the FPV (First

Person View) goggles. Everyone was thoroughly impressed and

appreciative. Larry mentioned that AMA magazine had an article about

most clubs that are embracing and accepting drones. These clubs are

experiencing a growth in membership due to the popularity of drone pilots.

Ed mentioned installing gates (obstacles) for drone pilots to fly at the field.

Frank Bobick made a motion and Jim Dunn Seconded the motion

e) Sign - The club sign located at the field has been getting in bad shape and

showing its age. Ed designed a new sign and is going to have one made

from steel. The tentative price is $800. Jack Mertz mentioned about doing

the sign in vinyl. A decision to use an automotive type finish was agreed

upon due to the longevity of either. Jack explained how it's made and two

local clubs have these same signs and has no problems in the last 4 years.

Myron Frantz made a motion to change the sign. Dave Kessler seconded the

motion. Ed has memorial money from his father's estate to be used to pay

for the metal sign. Larry offered to donate $200 toward the sign. Walt is

also willing to donate $100 toward the sign. All were in favor.

f) Windsock - Ed purchased a windsock. Jim Dunn, Larry Smith, and Ed

Pollack installed it.

g) Ed is going to send an email to everyone in order to get pilots to fly, to keep

someone flying at all times at aerorama. Jim wanted to add that everyone

should prepare each aircraft before the event.

h) Larry mentioned that Jim is in the process of lining the field and cleaning

the flight station markers. Jim is also going to organize the painting of the

poles and fence just needs volunteers to help out.

i) Ed had the information for the website moved to a new hard drive and some

of the information was misaligned. He will be working to correct it. Ed also

mentioned that with the Facebook page the website has been getting many

more views.

j) As of now, the club is losing approximately $106 per member annually.

The amount of $106 is derived from the gross income minus the annual

dues. The aerorama and raffle tickets are what is needed to help offset that


k) It was brought up about petitioning Cee Jay's lawn care to lock in the price

for next year to help manage costs. Walt said that after aerorama and the

ticket sales next year the dues may have to rise.

l) Jack mentioned about our members going to West End Wings on June 17th,

Father’s day for a Fun Fly. The Beltzville Flying Machine Society is

holding a fun fly on Saturday July 14th as well. It’s good to get our

members out to support the other local clubs and their events.

m) Tim Vincet mentioned a Fun Fly on June 23-24 at Aerobats. They have

some very talented pilots that could come to our aerorama, but us showing

up at their event would show the appreciation if they show up at ours.

n) Dave Kessler asked about TV and news adds, Ed has and will send

messages to many local news outlets about aerorama.

VI. Adjournment

Tim Vincent made a motion to adjourn the meeting.Ed Pollock adjourned the meeting

at 8:43pm.

Minutes submitted by: Kyle Snyder

Minutes approved by: Members