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Tuscarora R/C Flying Club
Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2018

I.  Call to order

Ed Pollack called the regular meeting of the Tuscarora R/C Flying Club to order at  7:07 P.M on March 7, 2018 at the Tuscarora State Park Office.

II.  Roll call

Ed Pollack led the members in the pledge of allegiance.

There were 14 members present.

III.  Approval of minutes from last meeting

Kyle Snyder read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Tim Vincent made a motion to accept as read, Jim Dunn seconded the motion.

Scott White read the treasures report. The report was approved as read. Jim Dunn made a motion to accept as read, Frank Bobick seconded the motion.

IV.  Old Business

       a)  Raffle tickets.  The owner of Rush printing passed away and the company is no              longer in business. Ed went to several printers and settled on Creative Printing              of Ashland for the tickets and brochures because of the best price and turn                    around time.

       b)  Aerorama dates. Everyone said it was usually held the second or third                            weekend in August. Larry Smith suggested the last weekend of July, the 28th                and 29th, to get some professional pilots to come and do flight demos. Jim                    Dunn made a motion to accept, Frank Bobick seconded the motion, John                      Majkas abstained, all others in favor.

       c)  Ed Pollack talked to food truck owners to come and provide food for the                        Aerorama. The club would get a percentage of the profit. Will have more news              at the next meeting.

       d)  A Biros representative called Ed Pollack to discuss why the service was                          substandard and found the owner had become ill and employees were                          showing false cleanings. There were members that had concerns the services              may remain sub-standard.  Everyone is very happy with the service provided                by D&S.

       e)  Snowbird Event- Next season we will be having a fun fly on the next nice day                after a significant snowfall. The parking lot would get plowed by a local                          resident for approximately $35. Jim Dunn made a motion to accept, Tim                          Vincent seconded the motion, all in favor.

       f)  Mall Show – John Majkasbrought a computer with a flight simulator which
           was always busy. The club gave out over 100 foam gliders and helium                             balloons  for all kids that wanted one. Also, in the mall there was a Cub Scout               pine wood derby which brought a lot of kids and adults over to our display.                   We gained one new member through our free March membership drive. The                 officers thanked everyone for coming out to help and make the show a                           resounding success.  

 V.  New business

         a)  The home of Park Manager, Tara Brugger, was destroyed by fire during the                    last storm due to downed power lines. Donations were taken at the meeting                  to help out as a token of support and good will. There was approximately                     $100.00 collected. It is noteworthy how all the club members came together                 for a common cause.

         b) Jim Dunn mentioned that Jack Mertz called him and was a little upset over a                 donation he made to the club. Jack was under the impression the planes he                 donated would be raffled off at the mall show. Larry Smith said he talked to                   him and they came up with the idea of raffling them off at the Aerorama                         where  there would be possibly more interest, Jack was ok with this idea.

        c) Jim Dunn mentioned he wasn’t very happy how the tickets were sent out as a              $40 pack being under the assumption all had to be sold. Ed Pollack said it was              an arbitrary amount and selling all the tickets was not suggested or implied                  and it would remain at whatever was sold is sold and any amount would be                  appreciated.

  •       Drones- Ed Pollack mentioned at the last officers meeting we, as a group,  talked to a County Commissioner about drones. The Commissioner said there are explorations about building manufacturing plants locally. The Commissioner requested we contact his office to get the “ground floor” input concerning the training of fire departments, police departments and first responders about the basics of the drones for surveillance.  Larry Smith indicated most people fly drones for entertainment but there is only so much to do with a drone and people would become bored quickly.  Larry anticipates a transition from drones to fixed wing aircraft and helicopters would be a natural transition. This venture may increase the club membership.  Walt Basiago made a motion to open the doors for the class, John Kennedy seconded, all in favor

        d) During the mall show, Larry Smith talked to the leader of the Civil Air Patrol.                  They talked about bringing cadets to the flying field to show the planes in                      flight and possibly fly using a buddy box. She is looking for a date to hold a                    little event. A boy scout troop is also interested in attending a similar event.                    Jim Dunn made a motion to accept, Frank Bobick seconded the motion, all                    were in favor.

        e)  David Kessler introduced Ed Pollack to the owner of Klingemann’s Office and               Hobby Supplies. They are interested in carrying R/C hobby supplies in the   

             new Pottsville store. They would also consider donating to the club for                           raffles.  They are looking for club support where members purchase supplies               from their store in return.

         f)  Ed Pollack showed the Flight Lesson Certificate and explained what it was                      and how it came about. The flight instructor said it was a ground school and                  a  flight lesson where the controls would get handed over to the winner. The                  Schuylkill County Airport offered the flying lesson at a reduced rate from the                  original value of approximately $360. The lesson was paid for by the club                      officers.

         g) David Kessler mentioned the Lebanon swap meet on Saturday March 10,                        2018, and the Hamburg swap meet in March 24,

VI.  Adjournment

Tim Vincent made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Frank Bobick seconded it.

Ed Pollack adjourned the meeting at 8:10pm.

Minutes submitted by: 
Kyle Snyder

                                               ( Secretary)

Minutes approved by:  Membership