r/C FLYING CLUB 
                                                                                                                                            ama CHARTER #574 

  Issue No.2

  March 2018

  Tuscarora RC Flying Club

   Hey Everyone,

  If it’s good with everyone I would like to do a little newsletter each month or

  when there is news to keep everyone up to date with what the club is up to. It's

  going to be a great and exciting year and we're really looking forward to the

  whole R/C hobby and the club growing. Would everyone like a copy of the

  regular meeting minutes sent along with a newsletter or just this? Please email

  me at daksnyd4@quixnet.net or let me know at the next meeting. Thank you.

  I think it is safe to say that the Mall Show was a great success. We lucked out and

  there was a Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby race taking place in an empty store very

  close to where we were setup. Having all the planes, helicopters, and the R/C

  flight simulator provided by John was a huge draw to all the kids and parents. We

  gave away well over 100 foam gliders, a bunch of balloons, and brochures to

  potential new members. Speaking of which, we gained one new member that we

  hope to see at the field once the weather gets nice. A big thank you to everyone

  that came out to make the Mall Show such a success.

  One of the owners of Klingaman’s stopped by the display at the Mall Show. She 

  mentioned they are now located at 14 North Center Street, Pottsville, PA. They

  now are interested in carrying R/C hobby supplies and are hopeful for a mutually

  beneficial arrangement to a point where it would be lucrative enough to consider

  making raffle donations to our club.

  There was also a deputy Commander from the Civil Air Patrol that stopped by.

  They would like to have some cadets attend either a flight demonstration, fun fly,

  or weekend outing. Both the club and Civil Air Patrol and the club will have to pick

  a date amicable to both.

  The other big news is the potential of starting drone operation and flying class for

  local first responders. At the last officers meeting, a county commissioner was

  close by and overheard us talking about R/C flying. He mentioned, with the use

  of grant money, the commissioners are trying to bring a full- scale drone

  production facility into the county.  The Commissioners are working on

  regulations for small drones as well. It was brought up many fire, police, and other

  first responders are using drones for scene survey. Currently they could be

  getting into this project without prior R/C knowledge. This is where the club

  could come in to help. As more information becomes available, we will be sure to

  pass it on.

  Aerorama dates have been selected and approved at the last meeting. The dates

  are July 28th and 29th. As of March 9, 2018, the A.M.A. coordinator has already

  accepted the dates and posted to their website. Right now, several food vendors    are being asked to see if they would be interested in providing food at the

  aerorama and then the club would get a percentage of the profit. Raffle tickets

  have been sent out, please sell what you can to help the club keep going and the

  bank account above $0. The raffle drawing will take place at the aerorama and

  the winner need not be present to win.

  Hope all is well with you all on these mid-winter days. Thankfully the weather has

  not been as bad as it could have been, however it isn’t all that good enough to

  get out to the field. I hear it has been soft and muddy which is odd on its own. If

  anyone goes to the field just please be mindful not get stuck in the mud or tear

  up the parking area too much.

  The next regular club meeting will be in the Tuscarora State Park Office at 7:00   

  pm on the 2nd of April. There will be an officers meeting toward the end of March

  at La Dolce Casa to plan upcoming events and topics.

  Hope everyone’s winter projects are all going well and everyone is doing as good.

  See you all later.    


  Kyle Snyder