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Tuscarora RC Club Minutes

From May 4, 2015 meeting. 16 members were present.

President Jim Dunn called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM at the flying field of the Tuscarora State Park. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Joe St Onge.

The minutes from the April, 2015 meeting were read by Janine Graver. Walt Basiago wanted correction made to the minutes as follows:

1. He stated that he volunteered to remove the old poles from the field .
The membership was informed that he and Joe St Onge had already removed the poles and that area is now able to have the grass mowed.

2. He stated that there was a discussion of a waiver for the use of turbine powered aircraft for special events.
He was informed that, after a lengthy discussion, a vote was taken and that the membership voted that there will be no turbine powered aircraft allowed to use the field even for special events to include Aerorama and fun fly's. As stated at the April meeting, any events advertised will include that turbines are not allowed on the field.

3. Walt also brought up about an accident last year where a house across the street was hit by a plane and never reported to the club officers.
Jim Dunn informed the membership that any and all accidents that occur off the flying field property are to be reported to a club officer immediately no exceptions!

4. He also stated that he was granted permission from the club to square off the field at the April meeting.
He was asked why now he was interested at this time to volunteer his time and materials to extend the width of the field to made it perfectly square? He would not give a answer, all he stated was that he wanted to give to the club. He also stated he was in contact with the Park Manager and a State Environmental Manager and was told not to do the full extension as he planned. He was informed by the State Park to do only a little at a time each year not the full 60 feet as planned. The State's reasoning was they planted a special grass where the cutting was to be done and they want to allow the grass time to grow.

With these corrections discussed at length a motion to accept the minutes was made by Mark Vukmanovich and seconded by John Majikas.

Jimmy Graver read the treasurer's report. A motion was made by Mark Vukmanovich and seconded by Ed Pollack.

Old Business

Jim Dunn stated that member participation at the Laurel mall show was very low. Tickets sales were better than at the Fairlane Village Mall show noting that Saturday sales were better than Sunday sales for both shows.
He reminded every member to do their best to sell their allotted tickets .

New Business

The club has been informed that Cub Scout pack number 725 would like to use the field for their rocket launch on May 12, 2015 at 6:00PM, (Tuesday night). If the weather is bad they will use the field on May 19, 2015. Jimmy Graver will send, to club membership, an email reminder informing them when the field will be closed.
Jim Dunn reminded the membership that the first Fun Fly will be on May 17, 2015 (Sunday) starting at 12:00PM until dark. There will be hamburgers, hot dogs, soda and water. The cost per member will be $5.00. He asked that members bring a covered dish or other items to share with the group.
Jimmy Graver will send out a reminder email about this event a few days prior.

Nancy Stevens asked the question what would happen to the monies in the club treasury if the club disbands? Joe St Onge made a motion to table this until the next meeting. Jim Dunn will look at the bylaws and give a report at the next meeting as to his findings.

Mark Vukmanovich asked if the club was incorporated and was informed that it was.
John Majikas asked when the club was started and Bob Greenall informed him that it was started in 1965.
Jim Dunn asked if any other business was to be discussed, with the membership stating no further items to discuss, the meeting was closed at 7:40pm. A motion was made to close the meeting by Tim Vincent and seconded by Joe St Onge.

Prepared and submitted by.

Janine Graver