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                             Tuscarora R/C Flying Club
                                    Meeting Minutes


I.  Call to order

Ed Pollack called to order the regular meeting of the Tuscarora R/C Flying Club at 7:10 pm on September 4th, 2018 at the Tuscarora State Park Office.

II.  Roll call

Ed Pollack led the members in the pledge of allegiance.

There were 12 members present.

III.   Approval of minutes from last meeting

Kyle Snyder read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Frank Bobick made a motion, Hank Tiedman seconded the motion

Scott White read the treasures report, the report was approved as read. Jack Mertz made a motion, Nancy Stevens seconded the motion

IV.   Old Business

a)   Fund raising – With current expenses there is enough money to sustain the club for     

      about 2 ½ years. After the expenses from the Aerorama were calculated, there was

      net profit of $411 from the yellow raffle tickets sales. There needs to be a way to bring        additional funds into the club to enable the club to prosper. One way would be to

      hold a Lottery style ticket raffle based on the Pennsylvania evening drawing of the

      daily number. Nancy Stevens asked about a small game of chance license. Ed had

      been at the county courthouse to prior to inquire about one. The cost several hundred

      dollars per year. A woman outside the office mentioned it may be worth taking the risk

      not to not get it. Jack Mertz mentioned he belongs to many clubs that have raffles like

      this and they haven’t had any issues for the last 20 years. Nancy Stevens mentioned

      the organization she belongs recently had legal issues dealing with licensure and

      didn’t work out favorable for the organization. Ed is going to check if there are different

      types for permits for this that would be a lesser cost with the club being a non-profit   


 b)  Hank Tiedman mentioned about raising the dues and paying several times throughout

       the year. Ed said it would have to go up to $165 a year from each member to cover

       current costs. Most members are not in favor of selling any raffle tickets. However,

       most present would rather see raising the club dues to the $165 level.

       Hank also brought up the idea about buying a mower. There are several concerns

       with that idea such as acquiring funds to purchase a quality mower, where to store it

       since no structure may be constructed on the Park property and who would cut the

       grass and/or maintain a mower were just a few.  Jack Mertz made a motion to try the

       lottery ticket raffle for a month.

       Larry Smith made a motion to raise the dues to $100 for next year and then possibly

       raise it to the $165 the year after. Both articles were to be tabled until the October

       meeting to discuss it further and take a formal vote. This was deemed a necessity to

       be certain all members have an opportunity to thoroughly investigate the ideas. It was

       asked why we are not getting new members. Larry Smith stated one possibility would

       be it is just simply because of the kids right now don’t have an interest in model

       aircraft and not aware of the strides and opportunities in the technology of fixed wing,

       helicopter and drone aircraft.

  c)  Larry Smith suggested a letter be sent to each member to come to the next

      meeting for the vote on the proposal of a dues increase and/or a raffle ticket idea. This

      will be done to be certain all members have an opportunity to thoroughly investigate

      the ideas

 d) The day of Aerorama, Ed had a conversation with Raja, an authority on helicopter and

      flight training, Raja stated if the members don’t want to keep the club alive then have a

      meeting to disband the club, regroup and restart it again under a new name.

 e)  Drone Club – There is an idea is to have a separate drone club as a supplement to the

      existing club to get kids involved. The proposal is for a $50 fee where anyone under     

      the age of 18 would get specific amount of ground support from an instructor and free

      club membership along with a  take home  a drone that was displayed at the meeting.

      The take-home-drone is a Syma camera drone. All the members were in favor of

      getting new kids and members involved in drones. Larry Smith stated that there are

      many clubs around with the same money issues that we have and are open to drones

      are turning around and now becoming profitable. Many Pa clubs are finding drone

      pilots are becoming bored with just flying a drone and graduate to fixed wing aircraft

      or helicopters. Larry also asked about the status of the First Responders being

      involved with drones and the club. Ed mentioned they are waiting for the club to make

      a move on how to proceed. Ed brought up about talking to local schools about hosting

      a drone program for them.

      Frank Bobick made a motion to accept, Nancy Stevens seconded the motion.


V.   Club Sign

     a)  Club Sign – Ed asked about if anyone wants the old sign that was taken down from 

         the club field. Currently it is at his building.

     b)  Radio Commercial - Jack Mertz asked about an email regarding a radio commercial

         for the club meeting. Ed said it was put on there for anyone interested in getting their

         kids into flying drone to attend the meeting. Frank Bobick mentioned about inviting

         the First Responders and anyone interested in drones to attend at the field over a

         weekend. That may allow more people to attend. Many people are to busy during

         the week for such a meeting.

   c)  Hank Tiedman said that there is about 4-6 people at the field 3 days a week in the 


   d) Jack Mertz mentioned September the 8th Ashfield Flying Club has an open fly in.

        Also, Beltzville Flying Machine Society has their club picnic on September 16th.

   e) Tim Vincent said the club would need a tax-exempt number to qualify for the

       Walmart VAP (Volunteerism Always Pays) program. If there would be enough tasks to 

       get enough Walmart employees to help there would be a $2000 donation. This

       donation would come from Walmart to the club.

VI.   Adjournment

Bernie Wargo made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Ed Pollack adjourned the meeting at 8:34pm.

Minutes submitted by: 
Kyle Snyder

Minutes approved by:  Members