r/C FLYING CLUB 
                                                                                                                                                                      ama CHARTER #574 

Removal of Membership:

                   A) Consistent noncompliance with AMA and club rules and regulations and Tuscarora         
                        State Park rules and regulations.

                   B) Deliberate abuse or theft of club property or flying site property

                   C) Deliberate abuse or theft of club property member’s property including frequency 

                   D) Nonpayment of club or AMA dues

                   E) Any action that could cause liability or loss of privileges of the club or its members.

Infraction-Complaint Procedures:

                  A) Formal written complaint must be lodged with the club officers.

                  B) The Club Officers will meet with all parties involved to hear the complaint and response  
                       to the complaint.

                  C) The officers will deliberate a decision in a Closed Session

                  D) Club Officers will deliver a decision in writing to the parties involved within seven days    
                      of the meeting by the club officers.

                  E) All members shall be advised of the decision at the next regularly scheduled meeting.



           1. The amount of dues or penalty for late payment of dues, shall be recommended by the 
               Club Officers and affirmed by the majority of membership present and voting at any regular  
               meeting, and will be recorded in meeting minutes.

           2. Dues shall be due no later than January 31st to avoid penalty.

           3. Any member more than thirty days delinquent in paying their dues shall be removed from 
               membership. A member removed for non-payment of dues can be reinstated only with full 
               payment of current dues and any initiation fee that might be in effect at that time.

          4. All dues collected shall be entered into the books of the Club for general use and are NOT   
              REFUNDABLE unless the member is REMOVED by the MEMBERSHIP, in which case the 
             unused pro-rata amount shall be refunded.

ARTICLE V: Offices

         1. The elected club officers shall be:

                   A) President B) Vice President C) Secretary / Treasurer

         2. Should the responsibility of the Secretary / Treasurer become too much for one person the 
             office may be split into two office by proper election.  


ARTICLE VI: Officers

             1. Officers for the following calendar year shall be nominated in November and voted (with 
                paper ballot if necessary) by a majority of the general members at the December meeting 
                following the nominations. A) A committee of (3) three regular members shall be appointed 
                by the present Officers to serve as the Ballot Committee to count the votes for the election    

                of  club Officers.  

         2. The business affairs of the club shall be managed by the Club Officers, minimum of (3) three in 
             number, who shall be general members of the club

         3. A majority of the Club Officers shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of

         4. The Officers may declare vacant the office of a fellow Officer if he is declared of unsound

              mind by an order of the court or is convicted of a felony.


ARTICLE VII: Officer Duties

        1. President

         The President shall be the executive officer of the club and shall preside at all meetings. He/She 
         shall be the spokesperson for the club. He/She shall appoint standing and special committees 
         and chairman as required. He is an ex officio member of all committees. In the case of a tie vote, 
         he/she shall cast the deciding vote.


     2. Vice President

        The Vice-President shall assist the President in all matters and shall assume the duties of the        
        President if, for any reason, the President is not able to perform his duties. He/she shall be  

        responsible for all social events of the club.

      3. Secretary/Treasurer

       The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the club's proceedings. The secretary shall

         record meeting attendance and shall keep up-to-date records of all members. The Treasurer 

         shall have  charge of all the funds of the club and shall keep accurate record of all monies

         received and dispersed. The treasurer shall present to the membership an annual report at the

         first meeting of each year. The Treasurer shall maintain records in such a manner so they may be

         opened for inspection at any time. The Treasured shall make a report of the financial condition of

         the club at all meetings.

ARTICLE VIII: Petty Cash Fund and Expenditures

  1. Petty Cash Fund:

        There is hereby established a petty cash fund under the control and direction of the Club          
        President. The fund shall consist of a sum less than one hundred dollars ( $100.00 ) and be 
        utilized for routine field maintenance and day to day necessary expenditures of the club. The 
        President shall provide a monthly report of any expenditure from the petty cash fund to the 
        club members present at the next regular club meeting. 2. Any expenditure of one hundred 
       dollars ($100.00) or more shall require approval of the club members present at a regular 
       monthly meeting prior to the expenditure. Approval shall be obtained by making a motion at a 
       regular meeting to permit the expenditure and by a majority of the club members present at the 
      meeting voting in favor of the motion.

ARTICLE IX: Vacancies

      1. If the Office of an Officer becomes vacant for any reason, his successor will be nominated 
              and voted upon by paper ballot at the next scheduled meeting.

ARTICLE X: Membership Certificates

          1. Cards indicating membership and payment of dues shall be in the form and style as 
             determined by the club Officers.

         2. Cards shall be signed by the Secretary / Treasurer and shall bear the Club seal.


ARTICLE XI: Amendments

         1. By-laws may be adopted, amended or repealed by the vote of a majority of the members 
             present at any regular monthly meeting. 

ARTICLE I: Name and Purpose

    1. The Club shall be known as the TUSCARORA RADIO CONTROL FLYING CLUB    
        located at a leased field in the Tuscarora State Park.

   2. The purpose of the club is to further the development, building and operation of  
       static and flying model aircraft as a hobby and a sport.

ARTICLE II: Office and Terms

    1. The location or principal address of the club for mailing purposes shall be 
       determined by the BOARD of DIRECTORS. If no board of directors exists, the 
       club Officers shall have sole authority. 2. The term of existence shall be in eternity.


ARTICLE III: Membership

    1. Membership in this club shall be open to all upon application, payment of dues 
        and initiation fee, who show a genuine interest in model aircraft, who are of good 
        moral character, and who are MEMBERS in good standing of THE ACADEMY OF MODEL 
        AERONAUTICS (AMA). A) After an individual uses the club field (6) six times for the 
        purposes  of flying, he, she shall be asked to join the club.

  Types of Membership: 

                     A) General Membership is entitled to all rights and privileges without limitation. 
                          Must be 18 year of age or older

                      B) Junior Member is a member under the age of 18 who is entitled to all rights and  
                           privileges expect voting.

                      C) Each prospective member must submit the proper club application, 
                          completed in its entirety.

                      D) The secretary shall furnish every new member with a copy of the clubs bylaws,  
                           field rules and regulations as well as a key to the frequency box.

                      E) All club members shall sign an application as to having read and understood Club 
                          by-laws, field rules, and regulations and AMA regulations.


   Requirements of All Members: 

                      A) Each member shall be responsible for conduct and policing of any area where   
                           the member flies.

                       B) Any member seeing club property being misused shall do his utmost to halt such 

                       C) Each member, upon request, should render any advice or assistance needed to   
                           any modeler.

                       D) To the best of their ability, every member is expected to support all activities of  
                            the club.

                       E) ALL members must abide by the Club rules and are subject to discipline  
                           recommended by the Officers and a majority vote of the club members present.